Amana at Tristate Filter

By Travis Ward, Inside Sales Representative 

Meet one of the newest vendors on our linecard, Amana!

“Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner” (PTAC) units are one-piece (self-contained) air conditioner systems commonly found in hotels, apartments and classrooms. They are usually installed in the wall under a window. Its standard that the evaporator coil faces the space to be cooled and a condensing coil that is mounted facing the outside of the building. The cool air is discharged into the room by a multispeed fan that’s blown over the evaporator coil. Some units are available in the heat pump version.

The biggest advantage of using this system is that it can cool and heat in the same small package. The heating unit simply reverses the cooling cycle on the air conditioner. A “reversing” valve is used to reverse the flow of the refrigerant. As an added option units can include an electric auxiliary heater as a supplement to the heating process in the event that the outside temperatures drop below freezing and the heat pump mode it not keeping up with heating the room, the unit will automatically switch over to electric heat to make up the temperature difference .

         With New York City being mostly buildings, PTAC units are highly desirable for hotels, schools and apartment buildings because the self-contained unit makes it easy for maintenance or engineers to switch out the whole unit within an hour and get the room back up and running. PTAC’s are very user friendly and don’t require any special training, making for easy installation. Most buildings stick to using the same unit for their rooms for this reason. Once a unit is down, it can be swapped out. In the meantime, you can troubleshoot the issue on the non-working unit with no down time.

Tristate Filter is your source for PTAC units from Amana. Call for a quote today at 800.464.0896.

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