August is National Water Quality Month

Here in the United States, we’re fortunate to have safe drinking water in a majority of the country. Although the water might be safe, it might not be what’s best for you.

Thanks to the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our tap water is safe to drink and use for household activities. This is because water utilities are required to monitor for almost 100 contaminants regularly. (For more information on our tap water, check out

Given that the average person drinks up to 58 gallons of water a year, we hope to have the best drinking water because we want what is best for us to go into our bodies.

Give yourself access to the best quality of drinking water by ensuring you have a water filter in your house. Water filters trap sediments and debris to filter through your water to enjoy worry free.

To ensure the optimal performance of your water filter, be sure to change out your water filter every 3-6 months. The sediments and debris that are trapped in the filter can become clogged over time and make it difficult for water to be filtered through.

Here at Tristate Filter we offer a variety of water filters for businesses and homes to use for a higher quality of drinking water. Give us a call today at 631.803.2902 to get a quote on the right filter for you.

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