Cooling Your Data Center

The complex system of data centers runs based on the efficiency and safety of the system. To ensure the efficiency of your data center you must maintain the system especially the temperature, air quality, and humidity. 

The main issue concerning cooling of your data center is to prevent humidity which leads to condensation which could destroy the system. Furthermore, this could disrupt the system and ultimately remove the data. 

Data center environmental control is all about expelling hot air and replacing it with cool air to maintain a comfortable temperature for the technology to function in a non-humid environment. The recommended temperature is between 70 and 75°F (or 21 and 24°C). Firms may keep the temperature lower than this depending on the location of the data center, for example, if your location is closer to the equator you may experience warmer temperatures than a data center in Maine. This all depends on atmospheric stratification. 

To accomplish this there are a couple methods, but the most common is what’s called, “Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle”. This method is done by separating the cold air from the hot air. This is done by facing the cold sides of each cabinet away from the hot sides of each unit. This creates a convection system where the cabinets cool themselves. Unfortunately, this does not always work and requires more cold air to be pumped in. 

A more efficient method is one with hot aisle containment (HACS). This method can provide significant savings (40% or more). HACS includes the extraction of hot air through compressors and chillers built into the rack itself.  

Here at Tristate Filter, we are no strangers to the stringent requirements of data center engineers across the nation.  That’s why we offer a wide variety of products to help with this.  Manufacturers like Siemens offer temperature / humidity sensors work in conjunction with all major building management systems to give accurate readings.   

The Liebert (Vertiv) & Stulz lines have been synonymous with data center management for decades, and we are proud to be a source for their OEM and aftermarket parts. 

Koldwave offers their model 6CC10 ,which is designed to be mounted in a standard sized rack and provide 10KBTu cooing on a 115V circuit.   

Koch’s Duramax 4V offers a low pressure drop and high dust holding cacpacity alternative to the standard 12” Metal Filter, which greatly reduced energy consumption while lowering the total cost of handling.

We know the work of data centers is important, let us help you. Give us a call at 800.464.0896 or email us at for any questions or inquiries. 

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