Facility Management

Although planned maintenance is best, we know emergencies can happen in the day to day lives of facility management.

At Tristate Filter, we can help anticipate these needs, but also accommodate your emergency needs through our vast network of suppliers and our state of the art warehouse. 

Some of our clients include the Empire State Building, MSG, Jacob Javits Center, Lycée Français De New York, and the Park Hyatt.

Building Code

We know building codes can be tricky as new codes are enacted and adjust old codes. Let us know where your building is and we can ensure the products you get will help get your building up to code.


R-22 is slowly being phased out and is being replaced by RS-44B and can be found here.

RS-44B (R453A) is the only refrigerant for all R22 applications including equal flow rate, maintains refrigeration to -20 degrees F Evap Temp, Lowest GWP at 1664 TAR, no oil change required, and more.

For more information about RS-44B click here.

Energy Management

Monitoring your energy consumption can sometimes be an obstacle for facility management. Tristate Filter can offer you many solutions for this like Siemen's Ecoview.

Siemens Ecoview Energy Management System is an affordable EMS system that tracks, manages, and controls energy consumption in real time. Remote monitoring allows for freedom and flexibility to control capabilities of all large and small energy loads, including HVAC systems and more.

To order yours, click here.


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