Filtration for NYC Water

Did you know NYC does not filter their drinking water? The water you drink from the tap is straight from the source. NYC water supply is located in protected watersheds subject to a Filtration Avoidance Determination from the EPA. In order to meet the New York State Sanitary Code and federal Safe Drinking Water Act disinfection requirements, New York City uses chlorine.

These reservoirs have high levels of extremely fine particles and significant levels of dissolved iron and manganese. Iron and manganese are not harmful, but during the 100-mile journey to NYC these dissolved metals oxidize and transform into particles.

This oxidation creates brown water which is not optimal for NYC residents. Here at Tristate Filter, we’re here to help.

The 3M-Better Waters XL7000 is the one filter that reduces the complete contaminant spectrum that in most cases tap water presents (and then some):  Chlorine, lead, copper, zinc, nickel, oxidized iron and manganese particles, VOCs, THMs, cysts and bacteria.  

Just how good is it? Use of the XL7000 to eliminate bottled water qualifies for a LEED Innovation in Design credit per US Green Building Council CIR (Credit Interpretations and Rulings) CSv2.0 IDc1.Text of the ruling. Also, the XL7000 meets the WELL Building Standard for filtered drinking water from the IWBI (International WELL Building Institute).

Know your water is safe to drink with the proper water filter from Tristate Filter.
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