Gyms Re-Opening August 24

With the new requirements for Gyms re-opening in New York State being released, we wanted to release the following guidelines that we will be utilizing for all gym clients. Tristate Filter is here to work with you to establish a clear plan for re-opening seamlessly.

Upgrade Filters

Overall, we recommend using pleated filters with a MERV rating of 13. Given that every system is different, we can help determine what filter is best for your system to make sure your system is working as efficiently as possible.

Air Purification

As seen in our offices, Air Purifiers from Austin Air are perfect for exercise classes in smaller rooms. Equipped with HEPA filters, these Purifiers are lightweight and portable.

Bathroom Upgrades

Sensor Activated Faucets are the best option compared to faucets with lever handles and push buttons which encourage the spread of germs.

These Hygienic Toiler Seats from Hygolet guarantee a clean seat for every use. This sensor activated toilet seat dispenses a sleeve around the seat ring with each touch-free activation

Contact Us NOW

Our sales reps are here to help you establish a plan to re-open. Call us today at 800.464.0896 or email us at to get started today.

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