By Travis Ward, Inside Sales Representative

Keeping your air conditioner coils (condenser and evaporator) clean is very important and should be part of proper routine maintenance. Having dirty coils will increase head pressure, decrease capacity of the units cooling and/or heating and most of all end up costing you more money. This could be because it would result in a higher energy bill due to the increased amp draw/run time or an entire system failure due to negligence.

Because coils in AC systems are made for one purpose which is to transfer heat, evaporator coil (indoor) pulls heat from inside air and the condenser coil (outdoor) disperses the heat into the outside air. As dirt, hair, grass, leaves and other contaminants block up and cover the coil, the transfer of heat is reduced over time and problems occur. Dirty coils put premature wear on the systems heart of the system, the compressor, resulting in costly repairs if not total replacement.

General maintenance to help keep the coils cleaner for longer is to keep the areas around them clean, for the condenser coil (outside) make sure the area around it is always clear of leaves, grass clippings and make sure any bushes/trees planted around it are at least 2-3 feet away. As for the inside evaporator coil, try to keep the area around it as dust free as you can.

Here at Tristate Filter we offer the full line of Nu-Calgon coil cleaners to help combat these problems. Nu-Calgon is one of the leading companies that offers products for coil cleaning. Their most popular condenser coil cleaner is Nu-Brite which they sell in gallons and aerosol cans for smaller coils. For evaporator coils their popular product is called “Evap-Fresh” which is a no rinse product for the ease of not rinsing inside. Another option Nu-Calgon offers are green environmental products if your job requires it. We also carry Nu-Calgon’s full line of sprayers to apply the cleaners to make your project easier. Please give us a call at 800.464.0896 if you have any questions or need a quote to get your system in great working condition for the upcoming summer season.

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