OSHA Compliant Ladders

When working on or around ladders, certain safety precautions must take place to continue working in a non-hazardous way. Here at Tristate Filter, we offer OSHA compliant ladders, so you can rest easy knowing you have the safest ladders for your worksite.

OSHA requirements apply to ladders used in construction, alteration, repair, painting, decorating and demolition of worksites covered by OSHA’s construction safety and health standards.

Ladders used in your worksite must follow these rules:

  • Maintain ladders free of oil, grease and other slipping hazards
  • Do not load ladders beyond their manufacturer’s rated capacity
  • Use ladders equipped with nonconductive side rails if the ladder or the worker could contact exposed energized electrical equipment
  • Rungs, cleats and steps at the base section of extension trestle ladders must not be less than 8 inches nor more than 18 inches apart
  • When portable ladders are used for access to an upper landing surface, the side rails must extend at least 3 feet above the upper landing surface.

Tristate Filter offers OSHA compliant ladders for your worksite. We are more than happy to meet you and help you with all your worksite needs.

To read the full list of regulations from OSHA click here.

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