When it comes to pharmaceutical factories, the most important part of maintaining the factory space is your HVAC system.

Tristate Filter can help maintain your system with proper filters and other products to ensure your company is up and running as safely and efficiently as you can.

Industrial Cartridge Filtration systems can filter even the finest of particles to keep your factory's air at the highest quality it can be.

Tristate Filter also offers rental options for portable heating and cooling. Spot Coolers are a great option for on demand cooling and heating needs.

To help with dust collection, Tristate Filter offers filters like HEPA filters, which is the highest MERV rated filter for the most optimal filtration. As a member for the National Air Filtration Association with a Certified Air Filtration Specialist on hand, you can Tristate Filter will understand and help with your filtration needs.

Maximize energy efficiency and productivity improvements with a VFD from Siemens. Integrates easily with your system to maximize the quality of your system.

For more information, please contact us at 800.464.0896 to set up your account and answer any additional questions or inquiries you have.

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