Portable Cooling from Koldwave

Koldwave units are available NOW at Tristate Filter for Portable Cooling and Heating.

Available for purchase and rental in the following units. For pricing and availability, please contact the Portable Account Executive, Oscar, at 917.599.3172 or oscar@tristatefilter.com

Air Cooled Units

Model 6CC10

Model 6HK16

Model 6HK61

Model 6KK92

Model 6KK17

Model 6KK71

Model 6KK37

Model 5KK30

Model 5KK21

Model 6KK14

Model 6KK17

Water Cooled Units

Model 5WK14

Model 5WK07

Model 6WK16

Model 5WK18

Electric Heating Units

Model KWHH15

Model KWHH30

Model KWHH45

Model KWHH150

Model KWHH60

Horizontal Portables

Model HKW5N

Model HKW3N

Model HKW12M

Model HKW20

Model HKW25

Model HKW30

Model HPKW5N

Trailer Mounted Portables

Model HKW20-TR

Model HKW25-TR

Model HKW30-TR

Vertical Portables

Model KWV-5

Model KWV-10

Model KWV-20

For the full brochure on Koldwave's lineup, click here.

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