Re-Occuring, Never Ending Odors - Carbon Filters and More

By Natalie Ferrer, Inside Sales Represenative

Imagine this: Your building is emitting a strange odor from the conference room and you can’t get down to the bottom of it. Here at Tristate Filter, we’re here to help.

A great option to start with is a Carbon Filter. Carbon filters are most commonly used for removing odors from the air. These filters adsorb the pollutants sticking them to the outside of the filter. Like filters in a car they remove a certain percentage each time until they get full. This varies on the design; how fast air is passing through will ultimately determine the life of the filter. 

Carbon filtration happens one of two ways; impregnation and granular. Impregnation is where you have a standard pleated filter, and activated charcoal is imbedded into the filter media. Giving it a grey look, and while you still get some air filtration, you don’t get as much carbon.  This is usually a great place to start when looking for an odor solution. The other form of filtration is granular. That’s just trays full of carbon and their main purpose is to remove the odor, but not so much air filtration happens.

Some product options are Carbon Filters, from AeraMAX. Their 2 pack comes with a 2” carbon filter and Pre-Filter containing twice the activated carbon to adsorb a wide range of volatile organic compounds and odors. Pre-Filters are a great option to add to your air handler. Carbon Pre-filters will catch odor contaminates while still filtering the air. While the adjacent filter will catch the remaining particles, extending its life and longevity to approx. 24 months. 

OdorKleen’s are another option. Coming in standard pleated sizes and a MERV 8 rating, these filters have high odor absorption and come in 1”, 2” and 4” sizes making it an easy transition from pleated to carbon.

Apart from Carbon Filters, you can use air fresheners, such as the ones from Fresh Products. The Easy Fresh line includes a base and a cover that is good for up to 30 days (refills sold separately from base). Fresh Products also has urinal pads, other bathroom fresheners, and more to freshen up your space.

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