REN Clean Handrail UV Sterilizer

HVAC and sterilization has never been more essential since the COVID-19 pandemic took over throughout the world. One disinfection tool that is becoming increasingly popular is Ultraviolet Light. Falling between the 200 and 400 nanometer frequency, Ultraviolet Light cannot be seen by the naked eye. The band of light specifically between 200 and 280 nanometers (UV-C) is the most effective when it comes to destroying viruses and bacteria.

Often considered “nature’s hand sanitizer”, UV Light’s usage dates back as far as the 1900s when it would be used for water purification in Europe. By 1945, germicidal UV lamps were being used in high traffic areas like hospitals. This is something still done today in enclosed areas to help combat any airborne germs or bacteria. 

Today, UV-C specifically is used mostly in the sanitation of surfaces and specific objects directly. By penetrating through to the bacteria’s DNA or RNA and breaking up their chains within, the bacteria is unable to reproduce. This cuts down on the spread of viruses like COVID-19 on surfaces that are being touched and interacted with frequently. 

With higher traffic stores and businesses beginning to re-open, it is essential to make sure all surfaces are being sanitized consistently. Hospitals, airports, department stores, and Malls that have escalators and handrails need to make sure they are keeping visitors safe and meeting all required guidelines.

REN Clean has always been the standard for escalator and handrail sanitation. Here at Tristate Filter, we’re now carrying REN Clean Handrail UV Sterilizers. These devices can be placed on an escalator handrail and eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria and germs.

UV Sterilization Devices - Kwik Supply Inc.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and safe design prevents the device from hindering the movement of passengers
  • The product generates power independently, meaning there is no risk of electrical complications
  • Easy installation allows you to attach the device to the glass without drilling any holes
  • Continuous sterilization as long as the escalator is running

For more information or to receive a quote on a REN Clean Handrail UV Sanitizer today, call 631.803.2902.

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