Simple PPE Products to Battle the Coronavirus

By Oscar Bula, Account Executive and Kyle Shouler, Sales Representative

With the recent emergence of the Coronavirus, the importance of respiratory and other Personal Protective Equipment as well as HEPA filtration has come to the forefront.  The medical field is especially critical. Maintaining designated areas contaminant free such as research labs and operating rooms is priority number one in many of these applications.

As more confirmed cases trickle into the United States, the industry has gone through with taking preventative measures.

In an effort to help our clients, Tristate Filter has started to stock the N95 respirator from 3M, the 7503 mask with the corresponding cartridge refill (2091). These PPE items offer simple solutions for the most complicated problems.

The 3M-N95 respirator is certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; unlike many of the surgical masks that you may see. It minimizes the risk of airborne viruses as well as blocking 95% of very small (0.1 to 0.3microns).

Another useful item can be Ansell Latex gloves. The XT9” natural X large powder free gloves. These contain a Class1 medical device component with FDA regulations for food contact and meet NFPA medical standards. These gloves can be used in a wide variety of applications. From the medical field, in pharmaceutical and research labs, electronic assembly, light duty maintenance, cleanup and quality control uses.

The Bio Max HEPA filters from Koch filter is another product carried at Tristate Filter. These filters are also geared to reduce the spread of unwanted particles in clean room situations. They provide pharmaceutical labs and medical research labs the ultimate form of high purity filtering.  Made with precision engineering by Koch filters they provide an optimum level of efficiency that range from 95%-99%. Which is the peak of performance for any filter.

In such a complicated world, having comfortability in knowing that your air is clean and pure, can put your mind at ease. Like most products that we carry at Tristate Filter, these products are made for your comfort and to encourage productivity while also promoting safe and healthy habits.

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