Smart Thermostats

Making your home “smart” is becoming more and more popular, especially smart thermostats like Nest and Ecobee. Are these smart thermostats any different than the programmable models?

With everything becoming more digital, it’s no wonder that we now can program our thermostats using our phones and even our voice. Using Amazon Alexa or Google home, you can turn up the heat or turn down the temperature using your voice without having to lift a finger.

The greatest benefit when it comes to saving energy and money is these thermostats can be automatically programmed to change temperatures throughout the day. Using auto-scheduling on a smart thermostat can be done by yourself with custom settings or the program can observe habits and local weather patterns to adjust the temperature. Smart thermostats also allow motion sensors and geofencing to locate you when you are close to home, so the temperature can adjust accordingly.

What differs from a programmable model is that you can change the temperature in your home from virtually anywhere. For example, if you were coming home from work and you wanted to make sure the house was cool when you came in the door, you can adjust the temperature from your smart phone. Comfort is the overall goal of these smart thermostats.

When buying a smart thermostat, remember that not every HVAC system works with every brand of smart thermostats. Make sure to check the packaging for specifics on which brand works with your system and wiring.
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