The Necessity of Portable Air Conditioning

By Oscar Bula, Account Executive for Portable Heating and Cooling

Our world is becoming warmer every year. We as a workforce are always looking to be as comfortable as possible in all of our different work environments. Whether it be in an office, retail or an industrial setting. Working in any industry at a comfortable temperature allows us to produce more seamlessly during our normal workday. The comfort of our workforce also adds value to our particular business and the economy in general. 

Portable air conditioning has become a necessity for many business sectors.

Many buildings' facility management companies are now allocating funds just for backup emergency portable ac systems as part of their annual budgets. These buildings usually have shutdowns during the year (by law) to clean out their chiller systems. In the interim, they still have to maintain server rooms and existing tenants at a specific temperature. Keeping those server rooms at an optimal temperature is critical .

A great opportunity to utilize our portable Koldwave, Movincool and or Kwikool systems. 

In the retail, banking and medical sectors portable ac systems have become commonplace. Keeping customers comfortable and shopping is paramount for all retail success.

Especially in an emergency situation where the facility may be having issues with their main HVAC system.   

If a particular retail space becomes crowded on a hot summer day, adding portable air conditioning can be the difference in keeping the store open or losing revenue for the day.

The banking sector also has benefited from portable ac applications. Keeping financial experts and customers happy by adding portable air conditioning has also become quite common. It allows the bank to operate at a more productive level while engaging with customers on very important financial matters.

Portable acs also provide supplemental and backup cooling for a large quantity of  ATM server rooms. 

Hospitals and medical offices have also relied on our portable systems for backup. They are required to keep medical equipment cool as well as the quality of air at a very high filtered level.

The Kwikool KBIO1411 is an air cooled portable/air purification system that we carry here at Tristate Filter that fits the bill for those optimal air quality environments in the medical sector.

At Tristate Filter we can help you with various portable  air conditioning applications from 1 ton to 12000 btus and above .

Tristate Filter is making your environment a more comfortable and productive one all at once!

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