The Right Tool for the Job

By Bob Erbacher, Sales Manager

As a kid I was fascinated with my grandfather’s tool bench.  Every tool had its place, neat and organized.  Hammers, screwdrivers, saws and wrenches.  Pickle jars with the lids nailed to the bottom of shelves held all types of interesting parts.  There were wooden milk cartons full of helpful accessories.  He would take the time to show me how each tool worked and then under his supervision he would let me give it a try.  That lead me into a fascination with building things, from bird houses to go-carts.  My knowledge of tool use allowed me to accomplish some pretty impressive childhood constructions.

What it taught me growing up is that any job can be made infinitely easier by knowing what the right tool to use is and having it by your side.  As a salesman I can relay that good advice to the buyers who purchase our equipment.  Here at Tristate Filter and HVAC Supplies we are proud dealers of Klein Hand Tools.  From tape measures and levels to voice, data and video testers and just about everything in between, we have it.

Having to handle a multitude of different applications might lead some workers to be frustrated by not having the right tool to get the job done. We want to avoid that problem by providing that battery-impacted screwdriver to take a panel off, a non-sparking sledgehammer to work in delicate locations, insulated wire strippers to work safely on electrical units. So, you’ll not only have the right tool in your toolbox, we’ll even get you the toolbox as well.

And when working with tools there is always the need to be safe and avoid accidents.  We also have your needs covered there.  Safety glasses, hard hats, gloves and proper lighting and flashlights.  Making sure you follow all the correct procedures when operating tools and replace any worn out equipment.  Tristate Filter can help you with all your safety requirements. 

Abraham Maslow said that “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  Unfortunately, problems are not always nails. Sometimes they’re screws or nuts or cracked PVC pipes. Whatever the situation we will be able to supply you with a Klein Tool that will solve the issue.

My grandfather would have been very envious with the impressive range of tools now available to the workers of our business environment but I’m sure if he had them, he would have found room on his bench to display them. Call one of our sales associates at Tristate Filter and let us stock up your worker’s bench with the right tools for the job. Call 800.464.0896 today!
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