Tristate Filter Adds Graywolf Sensing Solutions to its Line Card

By Jerry Olsen, Outside Sales Representative

With the growing population in the U.S. and across the globe, there are lots more pollutants, germs, allergens, and diseases that we have to worry about. But with the Graywolf IAQ technology now available, you can be at ease. This technology monitors, displays and logs all pollutant and particulate information for you in tables, graphs and template text calibration.

The PC-5000 is one of many monitors that Graywolf has introduced into the sensing solutions that would integrate well into a buildings automation system using Ethernet, USB, RS232 or optional wireless 802.11 b/g or RS485.  The Graywolf PC5000 6 channel accurate air particulate monitor has many uses in different industries such as highrise buildings, hospitals, airports, schools, universities, casinos, shipboards, manufacturing plants, refineries and many other types of facilities. Allergies and toxins are 2 of the main issues that are going on in today’s society with the growing population especially in in schools and hospitals. These allergies and toxins are the cause of the growth of asthma in children for the past 10 years.

The Graywolf PC 5000 picks out particles that cause asthma and sends an alert to you so you know if it is time to replace a filter or there’s a hole in the system somewhere. This eliminates the need to guess what is wrong and saves you time.

This device can be a major asset for hospitals around the nation. The PC 5000 senses for toxic gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which can be extremely harmful to the body. The PC 5000 does more than pick out allergens and toxic gases, it also regulates the temperature and relative humidity for surgery rooms.

This wall mounted monitor displays and logs calculated particle mass concentrations while simultaneously displaying and logging all installed optional sensors. The long life, laser diode powered sensor and brushless internal pump make for a reliable particulate measurement down to 0.3 micron. Competitor products on the market currently only measure .5 to 2.5 micron making the Graywolf product a cut above the rest.

Tristate Filter proudly distributes Graywolf sensing solutions as part of our IAQ initiative, #TakeABreath. #TakeABreath is a new program that allows our clients to look into proper air quality in their space and is catered to every budget and needs of a given project.

We are excited to add Graywolf to our line card as it is your answer that provides advanced sensor and software technology, employing the power of mobile and embedded computers for superior environmental instrumentation.

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