Upgrades to Santa's Workshop

By Bob Erbacher, Sales Manager

There have been all kinds of new regulations and safety precautions that have been put in place around the workplace, throughout the world.  The North Pole was not exempt.

Mr. Claus was already ahead of the curve as soon as the pandemic started.  His first action was to call Tristate Filter and he found out about the products that were being used to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The North Pole’s HVAC system was immediately upgraded by his crack squad of EFMT’s (Elf Facilities Management Team) to incorporate MERV 13 filters into the units as well as installing an APCO-X Fresh-Aire Ultraviolet coil cleaner.  The factory floor was fitted with DRI-EAZ HEPA air scrubbers to keep the atmosphere around the busy elves clear and germ free.  Masks were provided in festive red and green colors and nitrile gloves were passed out to the elves (size small) to provide extra protection for all the dolls and teddy bears that were being assembled.   In order to keep the toy manufacturing surfaces clean, every workstation was furnished with disinfecting sani-cloth wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer.   Even the escalators, between the small toy assembly first floor and the bigger kid computer fabrication second floor, were equipped with Ren UV handrail sanitizers.

As the workday starts at the North Pole, during the most wonderful time of the year, the elves walk by a thermal temperature monitoring station which does a touch-less check of their temperatures.   They clean their agile fingers at a hands-free sanitizer dispenser and set off to start the construction of all the favorite toys for girls and boys.  Even the restrooms were improved with touch-less faucets and hygienic toilet seat rings.  Throughout the day Mrs. Claus dances around the workshop doing temperature checks with her hand-held thermal scanner and passing out cookies and hot chocolate.  And while Santa is hard at work on the sleigh, getting it cleaned up for the big night, he wears a face shield to make certain that none of the surfaces get contaminated. 

The ‘big guy’ made sure that he was well prepared for any crisis that would arise so all the toys will be ready on time to head out on his trip around the world.  Not only ready, but clean and germ free.  Santa personally called Tim to thank him for the help that he and his team at Tristate Filter recommended in getting the North Pole and the elves in optimal shape for the holiday rush and he assured him that there would be a little something extra in his stocking this year.   

So now you know, if the most famous workshop in the world trusts Tristate Filter to supply all their PPE needs, you can rest assure that we will do a great job for your workplace as well.

Happy Holidays from the entire Tristate Filter Team.

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