Using Green Products?

Considering our environment when it comes to your business? Going green is a popular move companies are making today to improve the planet we all reside on.

Before taking the jump into green products, make sure you avoid “greenwashing”. The Federal Trade Commission has made environmental advertising and marketing guidelines for businesses, but some companies are deceptively claiming to have “green” products. To protect yourself from misleading “green” claims, visit their website at

Here at Tristate Filter we offer all-natural options such as Cal-Green and Evap-Green from Nu-Calgon. These all-natural “green” coil cleaners are made with 100% vegetable esters and are recognized by the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment.

Green select products from Nu-Calgon have been tested extensively to ensure the highest level of performance with “green” ingredients. These products are biodegradable and safe around humans and animals.

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