UV Lamps: Fighting Bacteria in Your HVAC System

By Natalie Ferrer, Inside Sales Representative 

With germs being at their strongest and the most resistant strains we’ve seen, quality maintenance in our hospitals, schools, commercial, and residential locations are a growing concern. One simple and cost-effective solution is adding a UV light directly inside the central air system. UV Light kills over 99% of; bacteria, mold, viruses, and allergens in the first 24 hours of use. Used widely in hospitals, labs, and the food industry to sterilize tools and food before packaging. Even water treatment facilities use UV light as a form of water purification.

The Standard UV System from Fresh-Aire UV is a great place to start. With convenient “L” shaped mounting brackets, water resistant lamps, and a heavy-duty multi-voltage power supply biological fouling, caused by mold, is no longer an issue. Sterilizing coils continuously 24/7, not only is it safe but cost effective. 

Like all AC and mini-split systems, they’re prone to internal mold growth mainly near the blower wheel. With a UV Light LED system, the light strip is designed to sterilize while having no impact on surrounding plastic materials. Using this not only maintains a clean system free of mold growth, it saves energy reducing maintenance costs as well as extending the life of each unit.

Each LED strip is safe for the eyes, an adhesive strip is trimmed to length and a 50,000-hour LED life. Since UV lamps are maintaining cleaner coils, there is less corrosion causing fewer untimely failures. Using UV light for air purification, is one of the safest purification processes available.  With growing concerns about ozone safety this industry needs a change. When looking to minimize your carbon footprint UV is a safer alternative.

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