Meet KwiKool, the Newest Edition to Our Portable Cooling/Heating Line

Cools Cleans Disinfects


KwikKool is the only manufacturer that has created healthcare grade portable cooling units. The BioKool series features "Air Therapy". The Air Therapy process cools, cleans, and disinfects and retards mold and microbe growth. The BioKool series is the first of its kind in the portable cooling market specifically for the healthcare industry.
(See here for the specs)

The KBIO1411 is the newest unit in the BioKool line with 13,800 BTU capacity.

The Attic Master offers a quick and easy cooling solution for hard to reach and challenging spaces. The secret is placement.  We recommend placing the unit in a cooler area, then running the duct to the high temperature area. The Attic Master’s high static capability is the secret! It can move cool air up to 90 feet through a specially designed insulated duct (6 inches in diameter) which will not form condensation.

Click here for more information on the Attic Master.

The Iceberg Series is full of smaller units packed with features like Quadirectional front louvers, microprocessor with self-diagnostics and much more. Read more here about the entire line.

The KIB2411, part of the Iceberg Series, is a unique unit that uses a 115V circuit for both primary and backup cooling. Perfect for small server rooms and anyone looking for "plug and play" technology. Learn more here.

The KPACll series, offers air cooled options ranging from 13,700 BTU/h to 22,900 BTU/h.

The KPO series are high static indoor/outdoor units. Both 12 ton and 5 ton units are 32" wide and fit in a standard 36" doorway.

Need heating and cooling in the same unit? The KHIB1411 and the KHIB1418 deliver heating and cooling in their 1.1 ton and 1.5 ton units. Get the specs here.

With a HEPA filter built into the unit, it filters out 99.99% of particulates from the air. Perfect for clean rooms and healthcare facilities.

These units are available for purchase. Call 800.464.0896 for pricing, lead times, and more information.

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