Why Do I Need to Filter Water?

Water is one of our basic human needs that helps the body flush out toxins. We drink water every day and we need to make sure our water is safe to drink.

Water straight from the source can contain contaminants such as lead and pesticides that could potentially harm us. While most of the particles in our drinking water is not harmful, the quality of our water helps our body to perform better.

If you were to drink unfiltered water, your liver acts a filter and eliminates toxins from our body in accordance with your kidneys. Since your liver is filtering out these contaminants, it is not processing fat into energy.

Even if your water is clear it does not mean it is clean. Most pollutants are invisible to the naked eye that can be removed through a water filtration system.

Here at Tristate Filter we offer a variety of water filters to ensure you are drinking clean water daily.

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