A37 (4L390) Super II V-Belt®

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Genuine Timken (formerly Carlisle) A37 V-Belt 1/2 x 39in OC Super II v-belts offer a host of advantages for tough
industrial belt drive applications:
■ Longer belt life
■ Greater strength
■ Superior stretch resistance
■ Better heat dissipation
■ Less drive maintenance
■ Increased productivity
■ Excellent for backside idler drives
■ Controlled slip under high loads
■ Improved flexibility High-modulus polyester cord located in the belt mid-section is specially treated to maintain
extreme loads without stretching. The central position contributes to greater strength, balance and longer life. Multiple
fabric plies, top and bottom, relieve stress on the load-carrying cord for added flexibility. Unique raw-edge belt
sidewalls grip pulleys better, minimizing belt slip, noise and drive vibration. Special rubber compound supports cord
more evenly, dissipates heat, and provides more oil, heat and ozone resistance.

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