Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

With today's supply chain challenges, increased visibility to current inventory levels is even more critical to prevent stockouts and production shutdowns. The importance of knowing inventory levels and lead times to get products is at an all-time high. Through our Partner Network with SupplyPro, we can leverage business insights to identify and resolve inefficiencies and make recommendations on complementary or upgraded products to meet customer needs - helping to improve their own bottom line.

Our Various Pricing structures allow each client to develop a solution that works not only for their budget, but also for any application.

Managed Inventory

  • Efficiently track and maintain product usage and availability
  • Effectively dispense the proper item, to the proper person, at the proper time
  • Manage the compliance and issuance of items
  • Accurately report on, document, and/or verify usage (and non-usage), consumption, and application of products
  • Reduce overhead, risk, and liability
  • Enhance the ability to track inventory by Cost Center, Work Order, Job Number, etc. via allocation codes

Managed Assets

  • Track and manage usage of virtually any asset, including power tools, tablets, and PPE
  • Applications include, but not limited to construction, facilities, engineering, and mechanical service
  • Lower usage costs by limiting loss and misplaced assets
  • Flexibility in tool and material access. Includes lockdown of expired, damaged or uncalibrated tools, check-in/check-out, serialized tool tracking and overdue alerts.

Managed Supply Chain

  • With Tristate Filter, clients are not limited to one supplier
  • All products can be customized to any supplier, leading to lowest available costs and/or lead times
  • Fully customizable supplier resource database
  • Periodic cost analysis ensures maximum efficiency for supplier resource management
  • Standardization of specification focuses on application efficiency, so clients always have the correct part regardless of supplier selection
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